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W E S T   L O N D O N ' S   F I N E S T   B L U E S  &  R O O T S   T R I O

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Bluesmaster, Funkateer, Master of Wit and Repartee, Global Groover and custodian of British Blues heritage. He has performed for Royalty, prison inmates, bikers, the chattering classes and the hoi polloi in venues as diverse as museums, shopping precincts and the Dog and Duck. You may have seen or heard him in the occasional ad or radio show. He was asked to audition for 'The Voice' but a chap has to preserve his artistic integrity........ As a songwriter, all his songs are based on personal experience or downright lies - the listener can decide which.

Blues in Britain of Oct 2014 described him as 'a hard act to follow'...........

Pro Bass player and Teacher. Studied music at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland and later wrote and published  "Head To Head, Aerobics for Electric Bass"

Following excellent reviews "Head to Head"  rapidly became one of the all time best selling UK bass teaching books. This was written and published in 1990 featuring the bass lines of Mark King of Level 42 among hundreds of exercises. I stopped printing the book in 1992 as I was pursuing other activities but it will all be updated and re-published in print and on-line soon. For now here's a taster.

Paul holds a doctorate in Mesozoic taxidermy, specialising in Pterodactyls. He has a keen interest in toast and his favorite preserve is apricot. Why is edam different from other cheeses I hear you ask? Well, that's because its made backwards. Paul's other interest include egregious badgers, onomatopoeia and CRASH!